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15 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

Amid a huge influx from rural to urban areas everywhere in the world, there is a visible rise in demand for property in the megacities like Los Angeles and New York City. The ever-increasing demand has flourished the housing and construction industry like never before. It has resulted in the addition of new housing projects that are a hallmark of the latest architecture that is studded with the technological advancements. These advancements have added to the overall value of the properties.

There are multiple factors including interior decoration, the quality of the stuff, and Atlanta outdoor designs that enhance the value of your precious property. Especially the outdoor designs are essential to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

Here are a few tips which can also help you to increase the value of your property in a short span of time.


Before starting to remodel your old building, backyard or lawn, make a plan first. Whether you have just bought the property or have been living in it for a while, plan everything. Make intentional changes, not on impulse.

Invest very smartly and take a slow start. Note down everything, including the changes you would like to make.

Take the list and categorize by sorting out how much money and time you will invest. Time is as important as money in this business. Picturing a house with a nice pool is good but keep your financial status in mind.

All these improvements will add value to your home, so keep connected with the realtor and know what’s going on in the property market.


Projects become achievable when you tackle one space at a time. You can start with the whitewash job in one room to start with and later expand it to the other corners of your property.

You must take into account time frame, comfort level, and financial limitations while carrying out these tasks. A stylish upgrade is, in fact, a good investment in your property if you are planning to sell it later.

Making it low maintenance will also be helpful as the buyers fear an emergency repair in the near future. You should consider replacing easily-stained carpets with wooden flooring and paneling. Choosing a color that is more on-trend will make it stand out from the crowd.


Places that experience severe heat or cold need an efficient energy system. Use energy-efficient fixtures, like LED lighting, insulation, solar paneling and double-paned windows that will make your house energy-efficient. These features automatically add the value of the property.

Set an assessment with a certified energy auditor to determine which areas of your house are wasting energy. It will allow you to spend your money wisely in the up-gradation of different parts, not all of them.


The addition should become an option only if you have enough available space and finances for the extension of the house. One extra room means uplift of property value. Additional living space can also be created by building the basement or a nicely designed deck.


Never compromise on the safety of your house and its inhabitants. Adding up small devices will make your house smarter and safer for your family members. Fire detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors, thermostats, security cameras, door locks, and lighting are some of the advancements that can be installed to transform your traditional home into a smart one. These smart devices can be fixed with the help of a professional.


Apart from investing money on the interiors, you should also consider spending on the exterior of your house. When the exterior looks good, move to the inside and add some features to the interior to make it look wonderful. Focus on the kitchen and bathroom first and give them a new design because outdated designs hurt the valuation of your property.


Change the paint, do a mini remodel. The cabinets can also be painted in faux wood colors to create an aesthetic look. A new pot rack with new hanging pots also magnifies the look of the kitchen.

New tiles will make your kitchen look fresh whereas open shelves incorporate convenience. If removing a wall is a time-consuming task, opt for a cutout instead. If you have a big kitchen, design wide walkways.

Design a kitchen island with its practicality in the mind. Cooking and eating on the same island can be challenging so keep in mind to dedicate separate spaces for these two areas.


If your budget doesn’t allow you to remodel your bathroom, then just go for smaller alterations. Even small updates can result in a big return. Replace old lighting and old plumbing and give your bathroom a brand new look.

When it comes to the bathroom, always make sure to build one in your basement because no matter how furnished it is people will always look for a bathroom with it.


What turns your buyers off is worn carpets and rugs because they think these old carpets will require an immediate replacement. Changing all the carpets at once may look difficult with a short budget, but you can change one at a time.

The dye is a good choice if you want to make your rugs and carpets look new and get them rid of their stains but not all rugs are dye-able.

The subfloor is another option if you want to keep it financially helpful. Remove the old rug and carpet and the floor underneath.


You don’t want to give the impression that your home has been neglected. If there is one thing wrong in every room, it will leave a negative effect on the minds of potential buyers of your property. Tackling the maintenance yourself is a good idea but if you don’t feel like doing it, hire a handyman and hand him the checklist so that he knows exactly what you want him to do at the premises.



A well-landscaped home has a significant advantage over a home that lacks this facility. Thousands of dollars are added to the value of the house by well-planned landscaping. Effective outdoor lighting boosts your mood and creates a very warm environment.

A fire-place, BBQ stand, flower pit, pathway, and ground level, all of these make a wonderful landscape when designed properly.


It is good if you were able to save money over the years to carry out the home improvement. However, if you don’t have any savings, then here are a few options that will help you with the payments of the bills for the improvements.

Credit Card

It’s easy to put the bills on the credit card and pay it once it arrives in your mail. However, you should make sure to use it wisely and not attract unnecessary liabilities. Use this option only if later you are able to pay the bills on the card in full.

Personal Loan

Generally, personal loans are also used for home improvements. A personal loan with a low-interest rate can be helpful for your project. Personal loans are usually unsecured loans that mean higher interest rates. There are also many more options available for financing your home improvements.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Finance options can also be calculated by using Finance Calculator apps and pages designed to estimate home improvement rates.


It is imperative to keep track of your expenses when you remodel your house, either the exterior or the interior. It is perfect if you already having the savings to spend on the home improvements but there are many other financing options if you don’t have the money required to get the job done. At the end of the day, you will get the best price for your property.

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